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Six Day Fast - August 2014

Six Day Fast - August 2014
by Jason Gastrich
I’m excited about my upcoming fast. I typically enjoying fasting a few days at the beginning of the month. This time, I’m going to fast for three days, take one day off, and fast for three more days.
I’m beginning the first three day fast on August 1 and I’ll end it on the morning of August 4. I’ll avoid eating too much on the 4th, but I’ll eat 2500-3500 calories of food like oatmeal, honey, salt, carrots, bananas, pinto or black beans, and possibly a few other things.
My fast will be Friday through Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday. However, I intend on breaking it during the day on Thursday. I suppose you could call it a five and a half day fast, if you want.
On my fast days, I’ll drink a lot of water and some organic tea and coffee. I’ll avoid everything else except for my herbal supplements. I think I’ll lose 3-5 pounds. Based on the calories, I should lose 3-4 pounds of fat, but I might also lose some water I’ve been retaining.
I typically exercise on the weekends and I’m starting to exercise a lot more all the time. I have the exercise bug. Fasting this way, I don’t think I’ll be unable to complete my workouts, yoga classes, or sauna routine. Those things are important for my health, so I’m stoked I found a way to fast and enjoy them too.
I sometimes fast for days and I’m still able to enter the ocean and catch waves. Some might not think it would be safe or even possible, but I have caught 8-10 foot waves in rough waters after fasting for days. I can stay out for an hour or more too.
Part of the benefit of growing older is knowing how to optimize your energy. Younger people tend to have more energy than older people, but they also tend to waste more of it. Some people like athletes know how to rest hard, play hard, and work hard because they eat the right amount at the right time and closely listen to their body.
A good example of this analogy is the grade school child who “only has one gear”. He plays really hard and runs around, but then he crashes. After a nap, he’s ready to continue. We eventually grow out of this routine.
The best thing for my body is to eat small meals throughout the day. I also sometimes eat in between my workout and sauna routine, just to keep my energy up. I try to eat meals ranging between 150-300 calories. Once in a while, I’ll eat a 400-500 calorie meal or even larger. It just depends on how long I wait in between meals and how much I exercise.
So, after three more days, I’ll fast for three. It should be good. I always have increased focus and my body sails and flows better. It also saves me time and energy; ironically.
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