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You Can Dance

You Can Dance*

July 8, 2014

Gray and white clouds fill the sky around a few patches of blue

Trees are dancing and the flag flies free,

while wind makes it all possible for you and me

People walk by, wanting to be somebody

my mind evolves here, but not like everybody

I constantly learn new ways to write and think,

scrubbing on natural deodorant, so I don’t stink,

it’s all or nothing, you miss opportunities if you blink

Revolving, rotating, speeding through time,

yet taking a minute to write a new rhyme

*This poem is part of a book of poetry called 39.5 and it will be published in August, 2014.



July 6, 2014

Barely seeing through the park,

as it begins getting dark,

lights shine and flicker with

different lines and luminosities

Passenger planes fly overhead

and a driver almost hit me dead,

now a plane just flew between

the moon and me and you

Concrete, cold and hard,

night air feels gentle and brisk,

and there’s just the right mix

of fact and fiction, so retard

Unclean, but not exceptionally dirty,

it’s okay, I have cleaning wipes with me

A bloated half-moon hangs in the star-filled sky above and I am…

*This poem is part of a book of poetry called 39.5 and it will be published in August, 2014.

A Ramadan Analogy

A Ramadan Analogy
July 17, 2014

I did the Ramadan fast for a few days until I realized it wasn’t very convenient or agreeable to my body. It would have taken some radical changes in my lifestyle, like getting up at 5 a.m. to eat, and doing something besides my typical work, school, and workout routine.

Reflecting on this type of fast, I wondered where it could be beneficial and I thought of a circumstance. It could prepare you to be a slave to a ruthless master.

If you were a slave and worked all day, your master might not want to feed you. He might just make you work while there is sunlight. In fact, if he’s really angry and mean (or poor), he might not care if you ever eat.

If you were a slave and your master didn’t care if you ever ate and you woke up before the sun rose, you would likely run into his wife. Assuming his wife is more compassionate and prepares the food, which is the case in some cultures, she could secretly give you some food and you could eat it before you work all day. She could also do the same thing after the sun sets, if she waits for the right time or until the master is asleep. This sad situation would fit perfectly into the Ramadan fast because you cannot drink or eat while the sun is up.

I thought about this analogy in the beginning of my Ramadan fast, but I just typed it now. If you want to search my blog, you can find another Ramadan analogy I wrote a few weeks ago. It was about one other, potentially applicable situation.

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